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Founded in June 2014, Duc Phat Group, a company led by a 8X businessman -chairman and CEOTran Ngoc Duc, headquarters at 02, Thanh Khang Street, Tao Xuyen Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province .

Duc Phat Group is a business unit specializing in domestic cargo transport and international cargo transport. With the goal of continuous investment and development, it currently owns more than 80 vehicles and containers whoes loads are from 1 ton to 33 tons. Duc Phat Group offers 3 transport routes: Vietnam – China, China – Vietnam and Vietnam – South East Asia countries; as well as a large and powerful team of more than 200 experienced – enthusiastic – responsible – prestigious drivers, which makes a considerable contribution to meet all the demands of customers and ensure that thousands of shipments are safely cleared and on schedule.

Duc Phat Group is a highly prestigous partner for many companies, especially, companies manufacturing and trading in the fields of footwear, textiles and garments for export. In Thanh Hoa province, the company’s partners are HongfuFootwear Company, AleronVietnamFootwear Co., Ltd, RollsportVietnamFootwear Co., Ltd, Winner Vietnam Footwear MaterialsCo., Ltd, Adora Vietnam Footwear Co.,Ltd …

Duc Phat Group always ensures to handle the customs clearance process of commercial, non-commercial goods, offer import-export customs services and ask permission for import-export licenses with reasonable, competitive and most preferential cost for customers. Additionally, 100% consignments shipped by Duc Phat Group are reinforced, parked and preserved carefully, especially, they are insured during the shipment. Therefore, Duc Phat Group assures customers of their best attention.

In addition to international cargo transportation, Duc Phat Group is specializing in domestic road freight transport, for example the transport routes between Thanh Hoa – Lang Son province, Thanh Hoa – Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa – Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa – Hanoi, Thanh Hoa to the North Central provinces, Central Highlands and South Central provinces, Ho Chi Minh City… Moreover, Duc Phat Group is also a prestigious and professional unit in the field of car rental, making contract for car rental from 4 seats, 9 seats, 16, 24 to 45 seats and transporting passengers from Thanh Hoa to Lang Son…

To improve business operations, enhance reputation and establish a friendly relationship with our partners and staffs, Duc Phat Group regularly organizes customer appreciation parties, end-year parties,… to strengthen a bond between the company staffs and our partners.

Address: Duc Phat Services and Trading Company Limited – 02, Thanh Khang Street, Tao Xuyen Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province .
Tel: 02373.930.999
Fax: 02373. 930.999
Hotline: 0987.06.5678 –Director: 0989.06.5678; 0986.35.9999
Hotline of vehicles operation: 0398.36.36.36
Website: www.vantaiducphat.com
Email: congtyducphatth@gmail.com

Duc Phat group: Prestige – Quality – Effectiveness!
Sincere Thanks for Our Customers and Partners
Director: Trần Ngọc Đức